Catholic School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council

At Santa Clara School our shared goals and strategic direction engages all key stakeholders to ensure the highest standard of quality Catholic Education is provided to our students. A shared vision and goal setting both short and long term involves Our Advisory Council.

Santa Clara School’s Advisory Council assists leadership in setting and supporting educational responsibilities in accordance with the policies and practices prescribed or recommended by the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA), and in accordance with Diocese guidelines and prescriptions for the religious education program.

The Advisory Council is bound by the CEWA Advsiory Council Terms of Reference.

Council Members are appointed at an Annual General Meeting held each November based on their expertise, qualifications and experience to enhance business and affairs, as well as ensure compliance. Our Principal, Mr Clinton Payne, is an Ex-Official member of the Council and has the delegated responsibility to lead Santa Clara School.

The primary purpose of the Advisory Council is to support the Principal to fulfil their responsibilities in leading the four pillars of:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Education
  • Community
  • Stewardship

The Advisory Council Roles and Responsibilities are:

  • Support planning for the present and future operation of the Catholic school.
  • At the Principal’s request provide membership on selection panels for the employment of staff to the Catholic School in accordance with the relevant CECWA Policies and Executive Directives.
  • Provide membership on the panel that recommends the appointment of a principal in accordance with the relevant CECWA Policy and Executive Directives.
  • In consultation with the principal, communicate about the Catholic School and about Catholic education to persons and organisations in the School Community
  • Endorse the Catholic School’s annual budget before submission to CECWA for approval.
  • Advise the Principal on school financial matters such as performance against budget, sustainability, and capital and recurrent planning.

School Advisory Council Members 2024

Chair – Renae King

Treasurer – Sharon Ang

Secretary – Ruth Noonan

P&F Representative – Mai Yau

Parish Priest – Fr Chris

Parish Representative – John Mpala

Principal – Clinton Payer

Member – Jasmine Pitt

Member – Nathan Jaskola

Member – Mary Ross

Member  –  Luke Webster

Member – Sandhya Pattani