Mission Statement
Inspired by the Dominican tradition, Santa Clara Catholic Primary School is founded on the principles of Truth and the Christian way of living. We seek to nurture the individual qualities of each person within our school community in a caring and accepting atmosphere.
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Principal’s Message

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Santa Clara School website.  As Principal, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be part of this vibrant multicultural community.  Our diversity creates a sense of unity.

As a Catholic community, we continue to place Christ at the centre of all we do at Santa Clara.  Through our beliefs and traditions, we aim to develop the whole person, integrating our faith and culture.

The Santa Clara students, staff, parents and Parish community are responsible for the culture we create while maintaining the traditions and charisms of our Dominican history.  At Santa Clara, we hold at our core the impact each person has on other members of our community.  Instilling this way of thinking in our students remains our focus and is enhanced by quality relationships and open communication that creates an environment of wellbeing.

Our experienced and dedicated staff are committed to getting to know our students better so that they can teach them better and offer meaningful learning experiences to meet their developmental needs.  Parents continue to be the first educators of their children and, by being a part of the Santa Clara community, work with staff in this privileged task through mutually supportive relationships.

Enjoy our school website and should you have any further questions, please visit our school for further enrolment information or to make a time to meet with me.

God bless,

Clinton Payne