Core Values

This initiative was created to instil the values that our staff felt were crucial for our students to develop and to ensure they become life long learners and global citizens.​
The Santa Clara Core Values underpin all that we believe in as a school. It covers the development of the whole child, spiritually and emotionally along with building their academic skills. It provides the dialogue of what it means to be in an emerging world community and how their actions contribute to the building of this community. ​
Our students are the next generation of thinkers and innovators and we believe that by instilling these values into the core of what they do, they will contribute to our society in a positive way and they themselves will have the skills to overcome challenges and lead happy and fulfilled lives with Jesus at the centre of who they are.

Our Core Values are embedded into everything that we do at Santa Clara. The children are rewarded with Core Value awards and stickers when they demonstrate our values. We use books, digital technologies and also custom made dolls to teach the message of each Core Value.

Our Core Values program is completely unique to Santa Clara School as it was created by the staff with input from the students and families. We are also very proud that our program was awarded a LEAD award for Accountability by Catholic Education Western Australia in 2018.