The school crest has been adopted from the Dominican Order Coat of Arms.

Inspiration for the Coat of Arms came from St Dominic’s noble parentage.

From his mother’s side came the cross. Jane of Aza’s family belonged to the knights of Calatrava, who wore a cross of this description. The cross “fleury” has ends that flower out to a lily shape. It symbolises sacrifice flowering into joy.

The eight-pointed star bears a marked resemblance to the face of the compass which points to all quarters of the globe. A star is a symbol of light.

From his father’s side came the black and white Guzman shield, divided into eight sections. Black symbolises penance and white is a symbol of joy.

The word “Veritas” which means “Truth” remind us that St Dominic sought the truth of God and in his preaching, he shared this truth with others.