Santa Clara School has an extensive Health and Physical Education program that students partake in weekly. This program closely follows the Western Australian curriculum to assist students to learn how to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing and physical activity participation throughout a variety of different activities.

Health Education

The Catholic Education Western Australia Child Safe Framework is taught during Health Education classes. A framework of nine elements combined support a child safe culture, healthy and respectful relationships, and extended guardianship in school communities, based on the latest research and recognised best practises.

Physical Education

Throughout Physical Education classes students are involved in a wide range of different sports and activities, with early childhood classes focusing on the development of the fundamental movement skills. Throughout the Physical Education program students have the opportunities to participate in intraschool and interschool carnivals, which include, swimming, cross country, athletics and lightning carnivals. Running Club is conducted before school twice a week to ensure optimal memory and thinking skills for students.